Bonnie McCulley is on a mission to help people answer their call in life so that they can live to the fullest and fulfill their
soul purpose. In her work as counselor and chaplain she has seen first hand, how countless people feel like they are wasting
their life. They feel caged in their careers, in relationships, and people are suffering so much so that they feel like they want to
die.  Often times in physical illness, sickness…  In fact, to Bonnie their Soul is dying. She is passionate about showing people
who feel trapped how to liberate themselves from the inside out. She calls this stepping into
Your Sacred Power so you can
achieve your Life Mission and impact the world in a positive way.  She will
steward spiritual leaders to live empowered, and
deeply sacred lives in alignment with their soul to spread healing in the world.

Known as a Soul_MG_5961 copy-(ZF-3511-15070-1-016) Illuminator and Transformational Catalyst, Bonnie McCulley, has the key
to unlock people’s Sacred Power that has been dormant, hidden and denied.
Form here the
work begins. Clearing, integrating, forgiveness work, there is no bottom to Bonnie’s tool bag.
In the
end, a person is restored to their birthright with a strategy to live a more authentic, resilient and
brave life. You will show up in who God created and gifted you to be. The life you live will be the
same as the life that wants to live in you.

Bonnie’s tour de force background of 30+ years in transformational education is impressive.
Her 30 years of personal and professional experience in spiritual care and counseling, integrative
wellness programs, healthcare ministry, leadership development, workshops and retreats have
served to bring healing in herself and others.  I am humbled and grateful to live my call(s).

Bonnie’s mission has always been to integrate psychology and spirituality to care for the whole
person. Her Doctor of Ministry studies were in Transformational Counseling and Spiritual Direction.
She focused her studies in the “Art of Discernment”.   

Having struggled with shame, guilt, inferiority, and fear, she never quit answering her call. With a only a high school degree,
a beautician’s license and no money as single mom, she went from being an admitting officer in the hospital with a high school
education to completing a BS in Psychology, BA in Religious Studies, MA in Pastoral Counseling and going back to the same
hospital as an Assistant Director in Spiritual Care. Bonnie has helped thousands of people find spiritual, emotional and physical
healings. Bonnie continued her studies in Reiki, Breath Work, Yoga, Meditation, Shamanism, and mind/body integrative medicine.

Bonnie McCulley is the Creator and Founder of Your Sacred Power™ – Answering the Call.

Bonnie lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband. They also have a home in Phoenix, AZ.  She spent 2 months in Israel on an Archeological dig, completed a pilgrimage in Israel and Egypt. She love to vacation on white sandy beaches, golf, dance, and find
creative art projects to balance her life.