I am Bonnie, a transformational catalyst, soul illuminator and holistic healer with a unique blend of disciplines to support you in Answering Your Call.

Your Sacred Power™ integrates counseling, coaching, spiritual direction and energy healing.  I support women who are on a mission to answer their call, live authentically, and step into their sacred power.

The “call” is your answer the answer in creating a life from a place of love, worthiness and “I am enough…”  Your call is Your Sacred Power.  What is this call?  A call 

    • creates a feeling of dissatisfaction in life that the ego desires:  money, security, status, titles
    • desires to be free from wounds, crisis, traumas
    • creates an urge to complete a life purpose — finding sacred meaning in service
    • may urge you to deepen the level of work or role you are in today
    • charging you with a new direction or service line in your business.

A call is passion, desire and choice.  Where are you being called to show up, be seen, and take a stand?   

Life can throw us many challenges.  At times we can feel overwhelmed, lost, or lacking direction and purpose.
You may want to start a new career, get organized, nourish your body, mind and soul, heal from a broken heart
or trauma, grow and take your life to the next level or just want to try something new and find passion again.

And that is where I come in…

I work with women who have had enough of the inner turmoil, the incompleteness in life, or possibly feeling paralyzed. If you have had enough and are ready to take serious action then you are in the right place.

I will take time to connect with you, your calling and your sacred power.  We will work in three areas:
1)  Connect to your sacred power,
2)  Clarify and Claim your calling, and
3)  Create and Live out your calling.   

Together, we will deepen your connection to your soul and the Divine, listen and understand Spirit’s movement, clarify your calling, clear the blockages, heal the energy fields, and then courageously step into your call.  You will know your mission and values, set goals, and implement your strategy to live your call.

I draw from the latest evidence-based practices and research, cognitive and mindfulness-based tools, which (simply) look at the connection between thoughts, emotions, and actions.  I also incorporate faith, beliefs and values, spiritual practices along with Quantum and Traditional Science, and ancient wisdom woven with contemporary thought.  We will explore the Enneagram and MyersBriggs Type Indicator, archetypes, energy codes and more.

The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are. ~ C. G. Jung

Let’s begin by scheduling a free 30 minute discovery session.  I have several individual packages and programs that can support you in answering your call.  Lean into your sacred power power and start now.             

Private Programs.

Answer Your Calling

6-Month Your Sacred Power Private Spiritual Coaching Program

  • Vision VIP session 3-4 hours
  • Mid term VIP session 2 hours
  • 2 calls x month x 6 = 12 private calls over 6 months, recommended bi-weekly via zoom
  • Sacred Heart VIP  Graduation Ceremony

Cost: $4,444 if paid in full or $500 per month with a $1,600 down payment and 6 payments of $500


Answer Your Soul Business Mission

12-Month Your Sacred Power Private Spiritual Business VIP Program

  • 4 quarterly VIP sessions: 3 hours
  • 2 calls x month x 9 = 18 private calls over 12 months, recommended bi-weekly sessions via zoom
  • Sacred Heart Graduation ceremony
  • Sacred Money Archetypes
  • Mind Your Business
  • Money Relationship

Cost: $11,111 if paid in full or $800 per month with a down payment of $3,3000   ($189 over 12 month!!)