Now is the time to Answer Your Call by cultivating courage, authenticity and utilizing your unique value-based foundation to create the life you heart and soul calls forth in you.  You can dramatically change how you live, love, work, parent and lead for the better.

The Daring Way™  is a personal deep dive into soul-hearted living…cultivating the resiliency you need to operate from a place of authenticity and boldly stepping into the challenging arena in your life with new commitment, passion and focus.

What do you need to Answer the Call and create your BEST life?

If you’re spending your time & energy trying to be someone or something else, you’re only contributing to disharmony & misery. However, once you start looking for what YOU and only you can offer, you’ll plug into the perfect natural order of life, and all of life will rejoice.

    • Are you ready to let go of what other people think and embrace authenticity?
    • Are you longing to cultivate self-compassion and let go of perfectionism?
    • Are you interested in discovering practices for developing gratitude and joy?
    • Are you tired of comparing yourself to others and working so hard to be worthy of love and belonging?
    • Are you curious about how to connect to the power of empathy to dissolve shame?

This is an 8 week group program to clear the blocks in order to step into the arena and answer your call.   For more information, sign up for a Free Discovery Session.



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